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Four time olympic champion de bruijn retires with 7 medals in pool play

A former two time champion at the 2016 Rio Olympics has retired after 7 gold medals and 7 silver medals in pool play.

De Bruijn, 26, finished sixth in the pool at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, losing to Germany’s Julian Green, who beat him in five straight games before he retired.

The former Olympian played at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics and returned to the sport when a six-year contract was cut for the 2014 Winter

He began his career in professional swimming in 2000 but switched to professional basketball at 14 years old, after his father moved to Miami, Florida.

He was released by his former team in 2004 after being out of action for 4 years with a right knee injury.

De Bruijn started his training in 2005 with a goal to become a pro tennis player at the age of 19.

His Olympic career was cut short

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are the first time in Olympics since 1972, when the men and women’s swimming a더킹카지노nd diving combined men and women.

On Sunday, De Bruijn retired on the second day of the Rio 2016 Summer Games after being suspended for his second ban of his 17-year career.

“I feel sorry for my teammates,” de Bruijn said. “The athletes I have worked hard with and the people I have shown a lot of love to for so many years that I feel very bad for.

“My coach and I, we work in parallel at training for the Olympics. We will do everything to get back in shape for the competition against Austria in the las바카라t pool of the competition.”

Olympic medal for Rio 2016: Green

After De Bruijn’s retirement, former Olympic silver medallist Marta said that he was a major disappointment to Brazil, with a strong performance in Rio de Janeiro.

“It was difficult for him because he started so early at Rio. He had a great run in the Olympics but his gold medal is the most important thing now for his career and the whole country,” said Marta.

Green, who won a silver in London with Canada last summer, has three career Olympic medals in swimming.

Earlier, De Bruijn was handed a six-month suspension for doping charges from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“I took these doping positive pills from the time I was a young kid to the very end of my career. I am so proud for m

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