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Republicans hope to win back senate in us mid terms and then get our legislative agenda through Congress.” In February, Obama was asked if there was any chance that if Republicans won control of Congress he would take a stand against repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — an act Republicans claim would create an insurance-insurance nightmare for millions of A우리카지노mericans. He said:

We’re the party that took on the largest corporate pay-packets in our history to end the Glass-Steagall act. We’re the party that started the largest deficit reduction campaign in history, because we believe in balance. And on the economy that I know most of America trusts, I’m optimistic.

He did say something about the president taking positions on abortion and gay marriage that some liberals feel is overly personal. “In general, I don’t have a problem with women having access to health care,” he said. But when it came to gay marriage, he said “we would oppose a policy that creates more of this risk to children because of their sexual orientation than is appropriate. That’s not a policy that I support.” Obama also said:

In terms of religious liberty, I support state laws like North Carolina’s and Arizona’s that respect your religious liberties. But you cannot force anyone to take a particular position on those religious liberties simply because they are religious. That’s not the right way to do things. I think it’s hard to have moral conviction in America when I don’t know who a person is or what my relationship is to a specific group. And 우리카지노that’s something that’s certainly not consistent with being president of the United States. That is not consistent with me as a human being.

These remarks have won Obama praise across the ideological spectrum. Many people who agree with the president on certain issues are upset that he’s said this kind of stuff in the past. As The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent puts it, the president “was responding to comments from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who suggested that he would veto legislation that would allow people to use health insurance to prevent abortions — if they’re gay or unmarried.” Romney “has suggested publicly that Obama is ‘weak on illegal immigration,’ according to the Wall Street Journal, and the comments have fueled widespread speculation that the Republican could not win the White House. A Romney campaign spokesman said Obama ‘would veto any bill to allow insurance companies to deny coverage of abortions.'”

The problem here is that not only are Romney and Obama pandering to gay 바카라marriage, they’re pandering not just to gay and lesbians but also to women wh

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