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Lyrics from / Soundtrack for Fate/Zero

And to make one thing clear…

I don’t care what kind of game it’s a game for me.

The way I do things has gone by the rules

In this way of thinking, I can find a

Good person…

Hurry now, we’re getting to the end

To see what this is all about!

(And that’s when it happened)

O-ono, yay…

You know your way around an empty stomach

And the one thing we can count on, is

You’re a gentleman like us, or you’re not,

So if you really care about the fate of

What is yours, then you’ll show it tonight

By doing your job like an honorable knight!


I don’t want to let this go

To see your face in a mirror every 바카라사이트day,

For the next five years.

But it is the fate of Fate/Zero,

The hero that we, must save…

I’m going to stay here…

Now that I have made 바카라사이트this game with you,

I’ve got to go.

I know what you are looking for…

The way we do things here is simple.

But it is the fate of Fate/Zero,

The hero that we, must save…

Yes yes yes yes

Now if you’ll be my servant,

I shall do my duty by this name

And my fate will be with you

And I’ll be your servant…

So you better, follow in my footsteps…

No. Yes, it will be as I thought.

I can’t tell you that, can I?

But what I’m telling you is this…

The world won’t end, so if you have no choice,

Then don’t be worried!

I won’t leave you beh더킹카지노ind!

And I won’t let you fail you!

Yay! I’m getting into the habit of saying what’s on my mind.

As you can see…

The way we do things here is simple.

A world of gods, men, and women.

We are the heroes that we believe in.

The end of th


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