7 Perfect Travel Destinations For Men (After The Vaccine)

Post-COVID Travel Destinations

When it’s safe to go out and travel again, where do you want to go? This has been a thought in many men’s minds over the past year. With many countries and towns going through lockdown after lockdown, the idea of getting out into the world sounds both tempting and far away. But with several coronavirus vaccines out in the market and the public, that future may not be so far after all. When you are fully vaccinated and feel comfortable traveling again, what city and/or country is first on your list to visit. If you don’t have a location in mind, or a list in general, here’s a list to help.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One great city to visit is Amsterdam within the Netherlands. The city itself is beautiful with plenty of narrow, winding streets and famous canals. But the city’s actual life and experiences make it one of the most calming places to be. Amsterdam is a city with many different personalities. At first, it’s a sleepy city, but it’s also a city full of legalized marijuana use. (Though, on that note, Dutch lawmakers are considering banning tourists from Amsterdam's weed cafes). On top of that, Amsterdam is a city with a popular red-light district. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, calm and party-centric, on your next trip, this is the city and country to visit.

2. Berlin, Germany

But what if you’re looking for a little more of a party city. Well, jump on over to Berlin, Germany. For some men, there is no better place to travel than Berlin, Germany. Berlin is full of beer, food, and parties. For any single men out there, that makes this country a dream. On the party end, the city is full of 24-hour clubs that are sure to be full of lively energy once pandemic restrictions lighten.

But for men who don’t enjoy 24-hour parties, Berlin has many other options to enjoy your stay. The city is a major hub for culture, arts, technology, and much more. And again, the food will keep you busy all on its own.

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3. Las Vegas, USA

Next, we HAVE to mention Las Vegas. Now, when people first think of Las Vegas, they often think about what tv shows have taught them. They think that the city is just a place for gambling, drinking, and eloping with random strangers in front of an Elvis Presley cosplayer. And while you certainly can enjoy that in this city, Las Vegas has other things to offer too.

Las Vegas is a performance juggernaut that hosts many celebrated singers, dancers, and the like. The local is also a food heaven with many deluxe restaurants and decadent dining options. The city also has amusement rides, pools for miles, ATV and go-cart races, museum exhibitions, dessert hikes, and much more.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of the most popular Asian countries to visit. In major cities like Tokyo, Japan is extremely tourist-friendly. English is used/available in many public spaces in these cities. That said, the country also contains a strong sense of traditional and cultural history. This is merged wonderfully with the high teach life found in major cities. You can enjoy Japan’s high tech gear/geeky hobbies; traditional Japanese kabuki theater or religious shrines; the country is full of beautiful natural aspects like its cherry blossoms or hikes up its mountains; Japan also has a bunch of great food from Ramen to curry, sushi, fried foods like Katsudon or karage, and more.

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5. Baja, Mexico

Many may not believe this, but Mexico is growing into a good travel local. In Mexico, you have many options for travel. From going to popular beach spots like Puerto Vallarta to visiting the bigger cities like Guadalajara or Mexico City. The cities have a myriad of tourist attractions and travel opportunities, like any other city.

And if you want more of a nature trip, there are options for that too. For instance, there is the Loreto Islands Bay Marine Park preserve in Baja Mexico. There, you can paddle alongside blue whales swimming in the Sea of Cortez.

6. Kenya

Want more nature options? Then try the Chyulu Hills in Kenya. These national parks are full of animals we’ve seen on our screens but have never been seen in person by most. That includes lions, buffalo, elephants, leopards, and more. On top of that, you can talk to local tribes like the Masai warriors, as they often work as guides on park expeditions. If you’re looking for a safari and wildlife on your next trip, this is the place to consider.

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7. The Himalayas

Or, maybe you want to go on a hike in the mountains. The Himalayas in South and East Asia may be the best idea for you. Hiking along the 150-mile trail is a tall task for some. But seeing the world from way up a giant mountain is an experience like no other. You can also interact with the locals and enjoy their delicacies. Stop by the teahouses in Nepalese villages to good a taste of the area and understand their way of living.

On top of all that, this may be one of the last few years you can get this experience. Segments of the trail are expected to get roads in the next couple of years. While that could making hiking easier for some tourists, it also means that the authentic experience will be lost. Before that happens, plan your trip in the near future.

Traveling Post-COVID Vaccines

These are just a few suggestions of what’s out there in the world. Once you’ve gotten vaccinated and feel it’s safe to venture out in the world again, consider one of the destinations on this list. Or, make up a list of your own. We hope that your next trip, whenever it may be, is full of fun, excitement, and wholesome reconnections with the world around you.