Imaging Supernatural’s Sam and Dean Winchester As Boyfriends

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What if the boys learned they weren’t brothers but instead, soulmates?

Are you a fan the CW’s Supernatural? I sure am. During its fifteen-season run, I’ve watched every single episode and sometimes twice! Now that word has leaked the sitcom is going to end, I’m kind of bummed.

There’s just something cool about a show that’s all about hunting down ghouls, goblins, and demons, you know? Plus, it kind of helps that the two main characters are drop-dead gorgeous!

There’s Dean Winchester, played by the sexy Jensen Ackles. Ever see him with a scruffy face? OMG Woof! And then we have Sam, who is played by Jared Padalecki. He’s the tall, handsome guy with puppy dog eyes.

Speaking of Padalecki – word is the 6’4 actor with a 13-inch shoe has one of the largest [fill in the blank] on this side of Los Angeles. Here’s some facts about him in case you are wondering.

At any rate, there’s been a lot of buzz about the show ending its long run. Shoot, even Jensen Ackles dreamt about the final scene of the show (see Entertainment Weekly).

Given all the chit-chat, it got me to thinking about how things should end.

What if Dean and Sam found out they weren’t really brothers?

Now work with me here, OK?

Imagine if the studly angel Castiel (played by Misha Collins) is riding with the boys in the back seat of the 67’ Impala. Out of the blue, he tells the boys they aren’t really siblings.

Instead, it’s revealed the duo are celestial soulmates, chosen by God himself to fight against evil. Moreover, Castiel informs them the feelings they have for one must join before the final battle.

Just think about that for a second. Is this really that hard to believe? The show itself has toyed around with homoerotic storylines for years. Any fan of Supernatural will testify to this.

supernatural gay

In my scenario, light bulbs go off in the boy’s minds. Dean, who has been resisting his magnetic attraction for Sam, suddenly grabs him by his flannel and plants one on.

At first, Sam seems startled but quickly crumbles, realizing his true feelings for Dean. Let’s face it, Sam has always been more of the sensitive type. This isn’t that far-fetched!

Castiel mysteriously disappears from the backseat as things heat up. Taking advantage of the moment, Sam pulls the Impala into a cheap motel and gets a room.

Flash to the bedroom scene.

For hours, the boys explore one another’s bodies. At some point, Dean turns into a dominant aggressive type. Sam becomes his submissive partner. In between, they investigate one another in all the places that matter.

Eventually, their love for one another culminates into an explosion of – well, you get the picture. I’ll let you use your imagination to do the rest.

Now that they’ve made love, they’re ready to take on whatever evils are left in the world – unstoppable and all-powerful because of their bond.

Hey, I know my finale is probably bizarre. But you know what? We all have our fantasies. Seriously, don’t you think that it’s time the show calls no joy and goes gay?

You know you want to see this on Supernatural for the final episode!

Thanks for reading!

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