Can a Hair Growth Solution for Women Really Work for Men?

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Men’s Hair Growth Solution

Do you want thicker, healthier hair? Has your hair started to thin out and you’re wondering what to do about it? Have you ever browsed the women’s beauty aisle and got curious about their products?

I bet that got your attention. That’s how I found Vegamour hair growth serums – in the women’s section. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to say it. Sometimes, men steer away from haircare solutions that can really help them because they’re marketed toward women.

I’m going to let you in on a little bit of a secret here – women’s beauty products can be way better than hair products for men.

You can find better ingredients in women’s haircare products because there’s more of a market value there. Let’s face it, women spend a lot of money on beauty products. There’s more variety there. So, manufacturers need to stay competitive by designing the best beauty and wellness products for their customers.

I was willing to try Vegamour haircare products because I started to get worried about hair loss. I’ve already tried Just for Men and a bunch of other products that say they’re just for men. The results were never quite what I wanted. Either there were way too many harsh chemicals, it was way too expensive, or it was just a trumped-up shampoo kit.

So, I started thinking outside of the box and looked at some women’s hair growth solutions. Here’s a look at my journey. Check out the Vegamour haircare products that I used for hair loss.

Gro Revitalizing Scalp Massager

This scalp massager was my favorite component of the Vegamour hair growth solution. Perhaps, that’s because it’s so easy to use. You can put it near the shower in your bathroom and you don’t have to worry about managing the product. It simply rinses clean. After air drying, the scalp massager is ready to use again.

The scalp massager stimulates new hair growth with its bristles. It’s quite relaxing after a busy day, but it can also stimulate your scalp for a morning shower routine. Use it instead of your hands to apply shampoo and conditioner.

Pure Marula Oil

I’ve never seen marula oil as a men’s haircare product before. It’s sustainably sourced from the Marula tree fruit in Namibia. The Marula Oil from Vegamour is highly concentrated and unscented. It’s applied to the hair via a dropper.

This isn’t necessarily a product for regrowing hair, but it’s meant to be used as a finisher. I suffer from dry scalp and my hair tends to get frizzy and dull. So, the Marula Oil stood out for me as an alternative to coconut oil or other products that I normally use.

The Marula Oil worked beautifully. I applied 3 or 4 drops and smoothed it into my hair. Instantly, my hair took on a shiny, healthier look. I’d recommend this for African Americans or anyone who suffers from dry scalp or brittle hair. Apply Marula Oil before you go out and your hair will take on a long-lasting healthy shine.

Gro Scalp Detoxifying Serum

As someone who suffers from dry scalp, this product was the first Vegamour solution that I tried. I must say, it wasn’t the easiest to apply. You need to follow the steps. Basically, you apply it to dry hair in sections. You massage the serum onto your scalp for a few minutes. Then, you need to leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you can rinse it out and use a shampoo and conditioner if you like.

Vegamour recommends using this product once a week. That’s manageable, even for a no fuss guy like myself. There’s a lot going on with the ingredients here. There’s proprietary phyto-actives, vegan proteins and minerals. Yet, there’s no sulfates, silicones, parabens, gluten, or artificial fragrances.

I didn’t notice a change right away from using this product. It took at least three weeks, but I began to notice that I didn’t have dandruff anymore. My scalp was healthy again, like when I was a teenager. I couldn’t get flakes even if I scratched my scalp.

This product did leave my hair feeling a bit dry after use. So, I would recommend using the Marula Oil to replenish some of your hair’s moisture after taking a shower. That might’ve been just my experience as an African American with typically dry hair, but it’s something to keep an eye on if you plan to use this product.

Gro Hair Serum

The serum from Vegamour is designed to treat hair loss that’s due to a number of different reasons. According to the manufacturer, Gro Hair Serum “uses a combination of clinically-tested, vegan phyto-actives that work in tandem to help support a healthy and balanced follicular ecosystem while soothing the scalp and revitalizing hair roots.”

It’s generously applied via a dropper to the scalp and massaged into the hair while its dry. You use it every day for best results. Again, my hair felt a bit “worked” after using this product. So, I would highly recommend using this serum in tandem with a moisturizer.

I didn’t notice any hair growth in the first week or two. It takes some discipline to stick with the Vegamour routine. After about a month, I happened to notice that the areas where I was worried about hair loss started to look thicker. The areas that already experienced hair loss didn’t show any substantial regrowth. I’m talking about the receding hair line that many men face. I felt that this product was preventative and not necessarily restorative.

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Final Thoughts about Vegamour Hair Solutions

I was skeptical and a bit embarrassed to try a haircare solution that’s marketed for women. Yet, I would recommend men to use Vegamour products. Some of the applications were a bit fussy but men need to take care of themselves, too. Take the time to treat yourself right.

The Marula Oil and the Scalp Massager were my favorite products. They were both so easy to use and the results were quick and easy to see. My scalp felt and looked noticeably healthier after use. The Hair Serum and Scalp Detoxifying Serum both took some time to work.

I was hoping for a miracle cure for a receding hairline, but this haircare solution wasn’t made in Fantasia. The areas of my hair where I could see thinning starting to take hold had the most drastic effects. You can expect to put the brakes on hair loss with Vegamour products, but don’t expect to get your teenaged hairline back.

The cost of these products shouldn’t deter you from using them. All of these products together cost under $200. When you compare that with other hair care solutions, you’re really getting a tremendous bargain. Vegamour products are composed of plant-based, effective solutions that don’t incorporate harsh chemicals.

A hair growth solution targeted at women can certainly work for men. It’s just a case of marketing. If you can see past the pastels and flowers, you’ll be rewarded with high-quality wellness products that most men haven’t even discovered yet. Vegamour could be your ace in the hole for a healthy head of hair, fellas.

Get into it and don’t believe that these haircare products are only made for women. The results are what you’re after. If your hair looks great and you’re slowing down the hair loss, then there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The guy in the mirror will thank you.

Check out the full line of Vegamour hair growth serums online.

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