Here’s Why Some Men Aren’t Wearing Underwear at the Gym

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Trending News: Men Are Choosing Not To Wear Underwear at Gym

Are you a man who doesn’t wear underwear at the gym? Do you prefer the freedom of being unrestricted by such cumbersome things, like boxers or briefs? If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone.

Apparently, a lot of guys are opting to ditch their skivvies because they prefer a more natural vibe. What's more, it’s a trend that’s growing, despite the best efforts of several health and wellness writers.

Curious about the topic, Men’s Variety spoke to Certified Fitness Trainer and counselor Frank Sasso. He is host of the Anxiety Therapist Podcast. Here’s what he told us:

“The more clothing a person has on while working out, the less connection they have with their body. Given the rising popularity of mindfulness and exercise in recent years, it doesn’t surprise me there is a trend going on,” says Sasso. People go swimming without underwear on. Is this really all that shocking?” he asks.

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Better Workout? 

As a member of a Facebook group that is all about exercise and working out, I decided to ask people why they have chosen to keep their underwear off while lifting weights. Here are some of the responses I got:

“I just don’t like feeling constricted. I hit the weights fairly hard, particularly on leg days. Underwear just gets in the way,” said Anthony, a 23-year-old group member.

Another member of the group posted:

“About 2-years ago, I made the decision to ditch my briefs and simply put on sweats when working out. I’m here to tell you that it made a huge difference in my workouts.

That may sound crazy but it’s true because I’ve made huge gains. I only wear underwear now when I have to go into the office,” shared Keith, a 35-year-old building security guard.

Apparently, some clothing makers have caught on to this trend and have started manufacturing “lounge shorts” that can couple as exercise garments.

“I won’t wear underwear anymore and I’m a personal trainer. It’s not because I want to turn my clients on or that I’m trying to show off or anything like that,” said Cameron, a fitness trainer and owner of ByFit Training in Chicago. “I just like being able to move and not worry about my junk getting in the way.”

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Maybe Not a Good Idea?

While the popularity of going boxer-less at the gym may be on the rise, health experts warn it is not a good idea. Dr. Felice Gersh, a physician with Integrative Medical Group recently told CNET Magazine the following:

“Without anything down there to wick moisture — and there is a lot of moisture down there during workouts — sweat would remain directly on the skin. This can lead to chafing, rashes and infections if you don't promptly wash and dry your body.”

Speaking only for myself, I will likely keep my Calvin's on. Call me old school but, I like having a layer of concealment.

Have you decided to ditch your underwear at the gym? If so, tell us more in the comments section below.  

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  1. I guess I am old school. When I do have time to go to the gym.( I’ll have more time once I retire)I wear what I wore in high school, a jockstrap.

    • Yes agree i would rather wear a Jockstrap when i workout. It get sweaty during workouts and i can take them off and shower and get back into my street or office cloths that are proper and i smell clean to leave the gym and to the office.
      i have lots of jocks and like to wear them all, diffrent styles and colors.
      Lets Keep The Jock alive. They are sold everywhere and in many ads for athletic grear.

  2. I always workout commando/have been since i can’t remember when. Can’t stand the constriction of jocks or briefs.

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