14 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

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Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to get something for your dad. Yes, last-minute gifts are nothing new for Father’s Day. While Mother’s Day is celebrated as a big deal, our poor dads often get the short end of the stick. But this June 21, we can change that by at least getting something for our dads.

That’s no matter how late it took for us to get the gift. If you’re looking for an idea or two to throw at your dad last minute, here are a few gifts ideas to consider (quickly).

1. Alcohol!

For most dads, this would be a great gift. Grab a good bottle of whiskey or vodka and gift it to your dad. Even better, pour a few drinks and talk to your father.

This could be a great gift and a great bonding moment.

2. Books/An Amazon Kindle

If you have the time to get something from your local bookstore, consider being a good book for your dad. Buy something that could help him learn/improve a skill or just find a popular book everyone’s reading.

If that doesn’t work, consider being a kindle so your dad can get books for himself. See Amazon for price.

3. A Knife Set

fathers day gifts

But when your dad gets back into the kitchen, set him up with a good set of knives. Honestly, having a solid group of knives is an unappreciated luxury.

Help him enjoy that luxury by buying it as a gift.

4. Amazon Echo

Or if you want to get something more tech-based, consider a digital assistant like the Amazon Echo. Bring your parent into the 21st century with this gift and watch them go!

Stop by Amazon to see price.

5. Gift Cards

Or maybe, you’d like to stick to the tried and true method of getting your father a gift card.

Whether it be a gift card to a gaming store/site, a restaurant, or some other store, you’ll be buying something your dad will actually like.

6. Google Chromecast

But… what about buying a Google Chromecast just in case. Chromecast is great because you can connect your phone or laptop to your TV and play YouTube videos, Spotify/Apple Music songs, and streaming videos, and more.

Visit Amazon to see price.

7. A Night Out

Or if you want to give your dad a day off, pay for his day out. Give him money to go get dinner with friends or a lover (if he’s not married). Or, go out with him and spend some bonding time outside of the house.

8. Shaving Supplies

Or, help your dad with his style by buying him some shaving supplies. This could be a light jab at his need for change or it could just be a kind gift. It’s whatever you choose.

9. A Watch

Speaking of style, you might be thinking it’s time your dad got a fancy watch. Even if he’s not a fan of watches, having a smartwatch can upgrade your dad's look and way of life. Consider the Apple Watch Series 5, if this idea sounds good to you.

See this post for more men's watch ideas.

10. Food

If that doesn’t sound good, you could always go with food. Whether it’s ordering food for your pops or making it yourself, a good meal is always a great surprise.

As an aside, did you know that Etsy sells baked goods? They do! Just head on over to their website and input terms like “cookies” and “cakes”.

11. Coffee

The same could be said for coffee. If your dad is a fan of coffee, buy his favorite brand to make at home. Maybe even upgrade him with a fancy new machine for his coffee-making needs.

If you are looking for something durable and that will last for years to come, you can't go wrong with a “Mr. Coffee” coffee maker . See price on Amazon.

12. A New TV

Or, you could stick with the tech stuff. If so, upgrade your father’s tv set up. How many years has your parent had that old tv? Hook him up with a new one. Then watch his eyes glow as he's introduced to the tech and entertainment worlds he’s been missing.

13. AirPods

Lastly, consider getting your dad into the world of AirPods. Whether he has a new iPhone or not, AirPods are a symbol of new trends, new tech, and new wealth.

Help your dad look good and experience something new by buying him AirPods. You can get these almost anywhere, including retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

14. Instant Pot

In recent years, Instant Pots have become all the rage because of their ease of use and ability to make guy-friendly foods. If your dad doesn't know how to cook, you might want to consider this item.

There are tons of Instant Pot recipes online. Curious about how much they cost? Check out Amazon for ideas.

Father’s Day

Again, Father’s Day is just around the corner. But it’s not too late to get your dad a gift. Consider one of these many ideas and celebrate your father on this international holiday.


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