A friend of mine recently asked me to “program” an hour of Internet-TV for him.  

“I already have,” I said.  “You can browse our listing and discover what YOU’LL like.  When there are millions of options, everyone’s programming will be unique.”  I told him that he could start by clicking on my name to see everything that I’ve rated and reviewed.

But he insisted.  “You’ve rated too much.  I don’t know where to start.”  

So here it is, an hour of Internet-TV for the novice, a jumping-off-point for this exploding universe of entertainment, journalism and art.  

I’d start with an episode of Rocketboom (Tilzy.tv page) whose breakout video blog, hosted by the tantalizing Joanne, covers topics ranging from world politics to geeky internet culture to quirky video art and everything in between. 

(Thats not it!  Jump on over and see what else I got for ya.)


Then I’d head over to The Show with ZeFrank (Tilzy.tv page) and catch a few classic episodes for a dose of sardonic authenticity that puts all into perspective.  

And if ZeFrank hasn’t ignited cynicism, this will: Alive In Baghdad (Tilzy.tv page) captures the stories of the war in Iraq from the perspectives of Iraqis.  Creator Brian Conley saw the advent of new media as an opportunity to focus the lens of broadcast journalism and “provide in-depth nuanced coverage” directly from the people experiencing world-changing events.  The personal stories are as moving as the approach is refreshing, and Conley is hard at work on many subsequent, and equally important, projects like Alive in Mexico.     

At this point, you’ll want a lighthearted alternative to the grim reality in Iraq, so you should head to SuperDelux (Tilzy.tv page) for Bob Odenkirk’s new web-exclusive sitcom Derek and Simon: The Show.  Or, for even lighter fare, check out the cleverly animated anecdotes found on Doogtoons (Tilzy.tv page).

How’s the funny bone?  Want more?  Duder (Tilzy.tv page), the “Seinfeldian” take on the life of a neurotic 20-something gay guy is a personal favorite, but if you want more mainstream gaffes with snarky hipsters, head to The Burg (Tilzy.tv page). Also, We Need Girlfriends (Tilzy.tv page) is effin hilarious.  Seriously. 

Is your palette adequately cleansed? It’s time for some social commentary in the form of mind-blowing video art, courtesy of Valdezatron Industries (Tilzy.tv page).  I recommend Big Screen Version, though its difficult to choose between these bits of brilliance.  The dissimilar (dis)placement is equally engaging.  

For a quick glance at presidential politics, check out Jeff Jarvis’ PrezVid (Tilzy.tv page), a thoughtful antidote to the mindless yammering that dominates political analysis on traditional television.  

Have we hit an hour?  I’d like to leave you wanting more, so we’ll end with Viral (Tilzy.tv page), a weekly round-up of hot Internet-TV and interviews with its creators.  The sunny Sunny– Viral’s host– will make you feel right at home in the land of Internet-TV.

So that’s the beginner’s guide.  As I write, I can’t help but marvel.  Internet-TV is still in its infancy, and it’s already so rich.  I can only begin to imagine what artistic innovation will be spawned by complete democratization of television. 

Now, if I can somehow convince all these talented to creators to use Blip.tv, Brightcove, VideoEgg or Revver, I’ll have everything I’ve been waiting for: independent, on-demand, full-screen and easy-stream.  (My opinions on video platforms can be seen here )

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