7 Fun Facts On NBA Star Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons Fun Facts

If you are a fan of basketball, you’ve no doubt seen Ben Simmons. He’s a point guard with the Philadelphia 76ers. Simmons was also named an NBA All-Star two years in a row.

But apart from his stellar playing abilities, what do you really know about him? For example, where is he from, and what is his ethnic background?

Given interest in this athlete – and not just by basketball fans- I thought I’d pen seven fun facts on Ben Simmons you might not know.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

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Ben Simmons getting his game on


Birthday: July 20, 1996, Melbourne, Australia

Height: 6’10

Shoe Size: 14 wide

Eye Color: Deep Brown

Zodiac: A Cancer Man

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Pumping Iron

1. Dual Citizen

While it is true that Simmons was born in Australia, he holds dual citizenship as an American and Australian citizen. Simmons was born in a suburb of Melbourne called Fitzroy.

2. Ethnic Mix For Ben Simmons

People wonder about Simmons’s ethnic background. According to the public record, his father is an African American expatriate, and his mother is white Australian.

As an aside, he comes from a large family with five brothers and sisters (the first four from his mom’s previous marriage).

3. His Dad Played Basketball

Talent seems to run in the family. Simmons’s father, Dave, played basketball in college for Oklahoma City University and later turned professional with the Melbourne Tigers in Australia’s Basketball league.

You can learn more about Ben Simmons’s dad and family by reading this background piece published in USA Today.

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Upper body exercises

4. Gym Enthusiast

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell Simmons spends a lot of time in the gym. What you may not know is that he spends a lot of time developing his shoulders, plus other parts of his upper and lower body.

Be sure to check out his Instagram account. You’ll see snaps galore of the basketball star hitting the weights, along with several isometric and plyometric exercises.

5. Featured In Documentary Film

You have seen Simmons on television, racking up points for the 76ers. But did you know he appeared in a documentary? Yep, he did. In 2016, he appeared in the Showtime production One and Done.

If you haven’t seen the film, you should. You’ll get a unique view of the player’s background and his rise to fame.

6. Has Expensive Tastes

Reports are all over the map, but some have suggested Ben Simmons is worth north of 75 million. According to NBC Sports, he reportedly signed a $170-million-dollar multi-year contract with the 76ers.

All of this leads us to the athlete’s expensive tasks. We’re talking pricey cars, like a bespoke Rolls Royce (retail $685,000) and a gold Rolex (retail $50,000).

7. He Speaks Out On Racism

Simmons’s star power has afforded him the ability to speak on various social issues. One that he cares deeply about is racism and its toxic toll.

In 2019, he went public about an ugly situation at a casino where he reveals an incident of racism. You can read about it and other personal experiences with discrimination, including being called ugly names, in an interview he gave with The Undefeated.

Wrap Up

Ben Simmons is an extremely talented basketball player. But he’s also a role model to a lot of young men. We will be keeping our eye on this athlete and be sure to update as time goes on.

Are you a fan of Ben Simmons?

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