10 Queer Valentines Gifts for Men

valentines gifts for husband or boyfriend


Are you searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband or boyfriend? Hoping to avoid the traditional box of chocolates and flowers? Want something he’ll use that’s unique?

If the answer is yes to these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at the blog, we know all too well what it’s like to try and pick something up for a man on Valentine’s Day. That’s because several of us are partnered or married to another guy.

Maybe that’s why readers have come to us in the past for gift suggestions, like stocking stuffer ideas for men around the holidays.

Because we support healthy relationships between men, we felt inspired to create this post and share some Valentine gift suggestions that are specifically designed for husbands and boyfriends.

valentine gifts husband boyfriend men
Valentine Gift Tips for Men


Before we continue, here’s a little secret. Men who are in relationships with other men are no different than anyone else when it comes to Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day.

In other words, they prefer gifts that are unique and practical.

You may be wondering how we know this?



Well, to be completely frank, we're a same sex couple and think we have a fairly strong understanding of what guys want.

But just to double check, we surveyed 50 gay couples on Facebook and asked them what they wanted as a man for Valentine's Day as a gift.

As you might imagine, the responses varied!

After going through the data, we whittled it down to the top 10 picks. Some of the Valentine's Day gifts appearing below are fun. Others are unique. All of them have a high degree of utility.


When searching for gift ideas for your hubby or boyfriend, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • Always get practical presents
  • Stay away from “gag gifts” that have zero utility
  • If buying for a friend, go with something unique
  • Buy early if possible and avoid the rush

Everything you see below is designed to fit most budgets. We’ve provided links to Amazon to make Valentine gift shopping for your husband or boyfriend easier.

Don’t wait until the last minute – otherwise your choices will be greatly limited.

Are you ready to check out our suggestions? Let's jump right in!

valentines gifts for guys


A really nice Valentine gift for your husband or boyfriend is a sports watch. That’s why picking him up something from Bulova makes sense. What’s nice about this accessory is its high degree of utility. Not only is it stylish, the watch also can be worn at work or the gym.

Click: Sports watch

valentine husband gifts


Are you looking for a Valentine gift that’s unique with a high degree of utility? Why not get your man a body groomer? He can use it to trim and manscape while also practicing good hygiene. A smart choice is the Phillips Norelco groomer because it has many different uses. Some people combine this choice with a product that gets rid of gray hair. A top pick if you want something he’ll love.

Click: Body Groomer

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Does your man live on his smart-phone? Are the both of you located in a cold weather climate? A wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea for him is a pair of North Face E-Tip gloves. What’s great about these are their practical utility. Not only will they keep his hands warm, they’ll also allow him to scroll through your emails or respond to your text messages when he’s in subzero temps. On a related note, be sure to check out or post on ways to keep hands looking young, fresh and wrinkle free!

Click: E-Tip Gloves

valentines day gifts for your husband


Does your hubby have a sexy beard? Does it sometimes look scraggly or in need of quick grooming? If the answer is yes, consider getting him a high quality beard brush! We’re fond of Smooth Viking’s brand because it distributes natural wax. Plus, it’s made from soft boar bristle. Your husband will love you for this should you decide to purchase!

Click: Viking Beard Brush

valentines gifts for boyfriend that are cool

5. Tom Ford Cologne

Are you looking for a Valentine gift that is masculine, sexy and special, all at the same time? You might want to consider picking up a bottle of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Cologne for Men. Not only does it smell great, the product combines with your husband’s unique pheromones to channel the ultimate magnetic vibe.

Click: Tuscan Leather Cologne

valentines gift for a guy

6. Leather Cuff Bracelet

You can’t go wrong by getting your boyfriend or husband this unique, old-timey leather cuff bracelet. Stylish and affordable, the bracelet vibes out the message that the person wearing it has a bad boy side. Appropriate for weekends and weekdays, including the workplace. If you dig it, order two so that each of you have this cool fashion accessory!

Click: Leather bracelet

cool gifts for boyfriend on valentines day

7. Coffee Sampler

Does your man like to drink coffee? Do you enjoy sipping a cup of Joe with him? Why not treat him (and yourself) to this amazing coffee sampler from Swiss Colony? The box comes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate and raspberry. Help him get his yum on!

Click: Coffee Sampler

underwear for gay men

8. Men’s Mesh Underwear

You could get your husband a pair of boring boxers but why would you when transparent, mesh underwear is way better! He’ll love the way it feels on his skin and you’ll be amazed at how his assets come shining through. This is a cute valentine’s gift for a boyfriend or husband and can be coupled with a pleasure ring.

Click: Mesh underwear for men (post)

good valentines gifts for men

9. Mancave Body Set

This men’s valentine’s day gift is highly recommended from our readers. Maybe that’s because the Mancave Body Set comes with a wonderfully scented cedar-wood shower gel, a caffeine enhanced shampoo for greater shine and a refreshing face wash that smells like willow bark. And the price for this trio that arrives in a cute kit isn’t bad at all!

Click: Mancave Body Set

manscaping supplies for men valentines gifts guys

10. Manscape Shaving Cream & Antiseptic

Does your husband manscape (or do you want him to)? One of the hottest gifts you can give him for this task is made by the folks at Shaveworks! The specialized shaving cream is specifically designed for the pubic area, chest and buttocks. The antiseptic is used as an after manscaping topical to cool his skin and prevent infection. And the white pearl polish is used afterwards to give him a soft, silky touch. He will LOVE this and so will you!

Click: Shaveworks trio manscape kit


We hope you found these gift ideas useful. All of them are great for the man in your life, regardless if he is your boyfriend, husband or just close male bud!

That’s it for now. Go fill his heart with love!