7 Reasons Men Should Go Camping Right Now

Should You Go Camping?

With so much happening in the world, it may be time to just pack up and head off into the woods. Get away and get back in touch with nature. It may just be what you’re looking for.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself alone in my apartment. One roommate had traveled home to be with family and my other two roommates, a couple, decided to book an Airbnb in the woods somewhere. Honestly, I couldn’t blame theme. It sounded nice, the idea of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, easing your mind of the worries sprung up by the coronavirus and the economy, and enjoying yourself at peace with nothing but nature around you. Doesn’t that sound nice?

So that then got me thinking, “Why wouldn’t I, or any other man for that matter, want to get away into the woods?” And frankly, I couldn’t come up with many answers besides not having as many everyday resources. But, I can definitely come up with many reasons why men should go out into the wilderness for a while. In fact, here are a few below.

1. Travel

The first benefit is the idea of getting away from your normal settings and traveling somewhere. Whether you decide to get an Airbnb like my roommates or go legit camping in the woods, you’re getting yourself away from your normal location. Travel is great because it makes us feel like we’re alive and not tied to our everyday situations. Get out there and travel to woody area and you’ll feel a bunch of euphoria.

2. Inexpensive

Another factor to consider is that it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. You can rent out a cheap Airbnb easily. And, it can be even cheaper if you do it together with a friend or two. Or, you can go out and camp in the woods. All you need is a tent, which you can rent for cheap or invest in one to prepare for the future. But you’d be surprised how inexpensive camping can be.

3. Reconnect With Nature

But, of course, there’s the very obvious reason for why you should go out and enjoy some times in the woods. You can enjoy the woods. Reconnecting with nature is something we guys, and humans in general, should do more often. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the world and hang out by a lake, sit up against a tree, or nap under the sun while listening to birds chirping. There’s a certain peace and tranquility in being one with nature, so go experience it.

4. Live Off The Grid

Even better, you can finally get off your cell-phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Of course, you could find a place that provides Wi-Fi, but going camping or being in a woody area helps you to detach from the internet. This is just another way you can relax and unwind from the hassles of the world.

5. Lots Of Space

Even better, you can enjoy heaps of space while out among the trees. This is especially important for those who live in cities and heavily populated areas. For those currently living through the coronavirus and stuck at their homes, the promise of space is a treasure. Even after all of that blows over though, the idea of running in the woods and being able to have moving room is great for men from all walks of life.

Cabin in upsate New York

6. Quiet Time

And, again, you can enjoy your time away from it all. Pick a spot and sit there and enjoy the nothingness of nature. No yelling strangers, no car horns, no screaming kids (hopefully), no barking dogs, or whatever other noises may pop up where you live. Instead, hear the breeze, listen to the crickets, feel the calm surrounding you. Doesn’t that sound nice?

7. Learn Important Skills

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, you can learn a lot by being out in woodsy areas. If you’re camping, this is especially true. You can learn how to tie knots, how to put up a tent, how to start a fire, and much more. Even if you end up getting something like a cabin, you will pick up necessary wilderness skills that can help you later on in life. You never know how or when these skills will benefit you, but you’ll be thankful that they will.

Wanna Go Camping?

So in the end, I totally get why my roommates decided to out to a cabin the woods that one weekend. Franky, I’m thinking about doing the same. There’s so much to benefit from taking a break and taking a trip into a woodsy area. More men should do it.

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