5 Best Home Brewing Coffee Machines

home brewing coffee machines

Home Brewing Machines Recommendations

There’s good news for coffee-lovers. A meta-analysis of 21 studies found that drinking at least three cups a day can reduce the risk of mortality by 13 percent. The results were published in The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics and had well over 10 million participants.

It doesn’t matter whether you like caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee, the results were the same.

Introduction to Home Brewing

Coffee is the world’s most popular drink and people consume 2 billion cups a day. Some people prefer to pop into their local coffee shop for their java fix and there’s even an entire sub-culture centered around the coffee shop craving.

If you need a bit of guidance for deciphering that complex menu, check out our definitive guide on What to Order at the Coffee Shop.

For others, there are plenty of home brewing options that can help you save a ton of money while you sip your favorite coffee drink in the comfort of your pajamas.

These days, you don’t have to go to Starbucks to get the tastiest cappuccino or the finest filter brew. You can whip-up your own coffee creations just like a well-trained barista.

Brew styles and Grinding

We’ve scoured the internet for the best home brewing machines for making great coffee, but first let’s talk about brew styles and grinding your own coffee. (Insert annoyed eye-roll here). I know, this part can seem a bit snobbish, but it’s important to know what you want from a home brewing setup.

So, we’ve broken it down for you, so you don’t have to think too much when you’re reaching for a boost in the wee hours of the morning.

Brew Styles

Do you want convenience over everything? Then, you should pay special attention to the home brewers that don’t require much pre-loading and setup. I’m talking about your all-in-one coffeemakers that can produce an espresso-based beverage with the touch of a button.

Is simplicity your bag? Then, go for a manual brew style like the French press. You don’t need a plug-in socket or paper filters. Once you learn how to use it, brewing a few cups at a time becomes second nature.

Are you a connoisseur and love the taste of coffee? Then, you’d love the challenge of making the perfect cup of coffee using a Chemex or a Cold Brew Maker. These brew methods require some skill to use, but they produce an extraction that showcases the full flavor of your coffee.

To Grind or Not to Grind

You can produce a fine-tasting cup of coffee without grinding your own beans. If you don’t want to go through the trouble, then be sure to buy small batches of pre-ground coffee and keep your stash sealed tightly in a dry, dark, cool place. Avoid the supermarket brands and check out what they’ve got on stock at the local café. Most shops will grind whole beans for you if you’re making a purchase.

Now, grinding your own whole beans right before you make a cup is the best way to enjoy your coffee. This is what all good coffee shops do, and if you want to produce a beverage that rivals your local café, then this is the ideal option.

You want to go for a burr grinder, not a blade grinder. Burr grinders produce a more consistent grind so that you can make finely-ground or coarsely-ground coffee as you see fit. Here’s a link to a fantastic hand-grinder that’s adjustable and easy on the wallet.

The Best Home Brewing Coffee Machines

1. DeLonghi BCO430 Combination Pump Espresso and 10-cup Drip Coffee Machine

This is one of the finest all-in-one coffee makers on the market. It’s capable of producing espresso-based beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos using a portafilter, just like at a coffee shop.

The BC0430 also makes traditional drip-style filter coffee. You can steam and froth your own milk and this machine also has a built-in water filter.

You can get as fancy or simplistic as you like. If you just want to set it-and-forget it, there’s a 24-hour digital timer so you can have a cup when you wake up. This one-touch coffee maker from DeLonghi costs about $200, and that sits at the high-end of home brewers.

There are cheaper models out there, but this one is easy to use, easy to clean, and can produce high-quality and high-quantity beverages.

2. The Chemex Classic, Pourover Glass Coffeemaker with Collar

The Chemex is for patient connoisseurs only. This coffee maker looks like it belongs in a scientific lab, but you can put it right next to the toaster.

It might look simple with its basic, hourglass design, but properly brewing coffee in a Chemex is quite challenging. The device itself is made of glass and has a polished wood collar with leather strap.

From start to finish, brewing in a Chemex can take about 7 minutes. So, this isn’t the home brewing option if you’re groggy or pressed for time. It’s also important to note that you will need a good digital scale, gooseneck kettle and Chemex paper filters.

If you’ve never used a Chemex before, then you can watch this YouTube video for a proper tutorial on brewing with a Chemex. The Chemex glass brewer by itself costs about $40, but when you factor in all the complementary equipment that you’ll also need to purchase, this could turn into a pricy venture.

3. Ovalware RJ3 1.5 Liter Cold Brew Maker

Cold brew coffee tastes fantastic! It has less acidity than coffee brewed with near-boiling water and you get a totally different flavor palette from the finished product. This cold brew maker is easy to use. You put about 110 grams of ground coffee in the stainless-steel filter and fill the glass pitcher to the fill line. You put it in the refrigerator and let it slowly brew overnight.

Then, it’s ready to drink and it stays fresh in the fridge for 2 weeks. This product can produce about 7 cups of coffee, but it’s not too big and bulky to fit in your refrigerator. You don’t have to be a barista pro to know how to use it either.

The only drawback is that you’re making cold coffee beverages. So, it’s ideal for the summertime, but you might not enjoy it through the cold days of winter. You can pick up one from Amazon for under $30.

4. Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker, Latte Maker and Cappuccino Maker

Keurig makes a fantastic all-in-one style coffee brewer that’s versatile and easy to use. It operates on the K-cup system, so you can just pop in any flavor k-cup pod to add lots of variety to your coffee beverages. The K-Café from Keurig can increase the strength of your drink with the SHOT button.

Most one-touch coffeemakers don’t have the ability to increase your brew strength. This machine is the most aesthetically-pleasing home brewer in this list. It has an attractive dark charcoal finish with a streamlined layout of buttons. There’s one for 6, 8, 10 and 12-ounce cups.

You can also froth your own milk using the steaming wand, just like at a real coffee shop. But unlike a shop, they probably won't throw in a dash of alcohol.

The water tank reservoir can fit 60 ounces, but that doesn’t matter all that much considering that this is a single cup brewer. The K-Café sits just below the high end of the home brewing spectrum with a cost of $174.

5. Bodum Chambord 8 Cup Shatterproof French Press Coffeemaker

The operative word in this product’s title is shatterproof. French presses are excellent brewers, but they’re so easy to tip over and drop, making them repeat purchases.

This French Press from Bodum has a safety lid that won’t spill your coffee, it’s dishwasher safe and the glass is a bit thicker than other French presses. This one comes in copper or chrome finish.

It has an 8-cup brewing capacity, but it’s a 34-ounce container. You’re not going to fill it all the way up when you brew your coffee. The stainless-steel filter is already in place, so you don’t need to buy any extra equipment.

You just put coarsely-ground coffee inside, pour water over the top, wait 4 minutes then push down the plunger. It’s as simple as that. There are cheaper French presses on the market, but this one looks handsome in copper and has the extra-strength glass. So, it’s not overly-priced at just under $40.

Tips and Tricks

Lastly, here are a few words of advice on brewing your own coffee at home. You should always take into consideration any additional costs that you might incur from a home brewing method. For example, some machines require a specific type of filter or pod. You should check if these items are available in your area first.

Also, you should consider that making a good cup of coffee takes some skill. Even if you’re using a one-touch machine, you’ll most likely be steaming and frothing the milk yourself to produce a cappuccino or latte. There is an art to frothing milk, so you might want to watch some tutorials online.

Lastly, you should try to have some fun while you brew coffee at home. Don’t choose a method that will tax your patience and pride. It’s your coffee; enjoy it however you like.

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