Here’s How You Can Style Like James Bond

Style Like James Bond

James Bond is set to light up the screen again with No Time to Die. This Bond film will be the last time that Daniel Craig takes on the role of super spy James Bond. It’s a special film and a few of the fashion brands that outfitted Daniel Craig for the film have released limited-edition collections for the public.

A Closer Look at the Connolly 007 Collection

Connolly has been providing British luxury garments since 1878. The British brand is well-known for leather work and Connolly provided Aston Martin with some of its first leather upholstery options. That partnership with Aston Martin flows together seamlessly for Connolly’s new James Bond collection.

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One of the items that Daniel Craig sports in the new Bond film is a linen cotton Giubbino Jacket. It’s a retro look with an over-the-shoulder 1950s blend of linen and cotton. The jacket comes in blue with a 007 label sewn into the interior. Connolly is offering the Italian-made jacket on their website for around $600.

In the film, Daniel Craig pairs the blue jacket with an oatmeal-colored linen shirt. You can wear it with rolled-up sleeves and open neckline. Connolly has sewn in mother of pearl buttons and the 007 label. It’s available for around $400.

Connolly adds on to the retro British motorsport vibe with a dark navy drop back car vest that retails in the neighborhood of $325. It’s crafted from merino wool and leather. It has a leather zip pull tab. It’s the same leather that’s featured in the Aston Martin DB5.

Connolly, Aston Martin and James Bond are a natural threesome. The rest of the pieces in Connolly’s 007 collection are leather goods for luxury travel. There’s a pair of driving goggles, a passport holder, credit card case, circuit pouch and keyring.

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Daniel Craig’s Combat Look in No Time to Die

James Bond can get down and dirty without tearing through his clothing. When he’s not sporting a fabulous suit or tuxedo, Bond is rocking some seriously cool tactical garments. In No Time to Die, Daniel Craig opts for a pair of N. Peal combat trousers with commando sweater.

Amazingly, you can shop this exact same look from the N. Peal James Bond Collection. This British brand has been supplying Daniel Craig’s tactical wear for three consecutive Bond films. The N. Peal combat trousers are 100% cotton with gun metal zips and snaps. It has 3 pockets and can be outfitted with ribbed 007 suspenders.

Round out the look with the N. Peal ribbed Army sweater. It has canvas patches on the shoulders, cuffs, and elbows. The neckline swoops low with a maritime design style. You can pull off the whole look for around $800.

How to Get the James Bond Look Without Paying Big Bucks

You can also match the Daniel Craig 007 look with a high-quality linen cream suit. This is one of Daniel Craig’s go-to outfits for several James Bond films. It’s a great choice for casual luxury on a hot day. Plus, Daniel Craig’s creamy linen suits are so versatile. You might not need to leap between two boats in one, but you can get loose if necessary.

The great thing about linen suits like the ones James Bond wears is that you can find them in almost any men’s fashion retailer. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for one. There’s even a casual linen suit for men available on Amazon. It’s just around a hundred bucks.

To match Daniel Craig’s tactical clothing, you could shop for the look at vintage or thrift shops. Some shops even specialize in vintage military garments. You can usually find an authentic military outfit for under a hundred dollars. If you can’t get out for some thrift store hunting, check out these tactical trousers from Amazon.

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Daniel Craig will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the best dressed Bonds of all time. His chiseled features and every man appeal make him both relatable and admirable. He certainly has elevated the style profile of Ian Fleming’s iconic super spy.

You can catch Daniel Craig in his final outing as James Bond in No Time to Die. The film is available after September 30th, 2021.

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