Penis Care: 5 Tips for Cleaning and Moisturizing Your Package

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Penis care tips for cleaning and moisturizing

Recently, I hooked up with a guy whose penis stank so bad that it stopped me dead in my tracks. Yup – for real. I should have known we'd have a problem when he pulled it out. It looked like a frightened earthworm!

The only way I can describe the experience is to say it smelled like a salty sardine and tasted like urine. Sorry for being so graphic.

And here’s the thing – the dude was cut! It wasn’t like there was a smegma laced convertible to deal with. I would have given him some slack had that been the case, you know?

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Don’t worry. I didn’t shame him or anything. In fact, I was super delicate. The excuse I quickly pulled out of my ass was a toothache.

“Sorry man – it's my wisdoms. Raincheck?” I said.

At first, he was all about wanting to reciprocate. But when I couldn’t pop wood (because I was grossed out) we decided to call it a night.

What else could I do? Tell him his junk was a turn off?

He left without incident. I opened a window and gargled mouthwash.

Upon reflection of the ordeal, I was motivated to pen this penis care guide with the hope of helping others. It's all about how to properly clean and moisturize your manhood.

I’ve tried to write this in a way that offers guidance to guys who are circumcised and uncircumcised. It’s important to cover all bases, right?

The truth is that infections, irritations and offensive odors are just a few of the problems that can crop up if you don’t maintain good penis hygiene.

One would think such an article wouldn't be necessary. But based on personal experience, it absolutely is. Please pass on to other guys who might benefit from the info.

Oh, and don't forget to take the penis moisturizing poll at the end!

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7 tips for cleaning your penis and moisturizing it

1. Use mild soap

Standing under the shower and hoping the stream of water running from your shower is enough to do the trick is wishful thinking. You’ve got to really get in there and wash that sucker!

But what’s the best soap to use?

Well, it’s probably ok to lather up with something mild, provided it doesn’t contain strong chemicals or drying agents.

I checked with my dermatologist and he suggested that unscented, moisturizing cleansers work best. An effective, inexpensive one is Dove’s Body Wash (check Amazon for pricing).

A couple of other points here:

  • Never use hand soaps because they generally are harsh.
  • If you really want to use something with a scent because you prefer that “clean smell”, the folks at Mancave make a very good cedarwood product that’s not overpowering.

2. Take a shower (Not a bath!)

The most effective way to clean your penis is a warm shower. I’ll speak about this more in a bit but let me say now that taking a bath is a bad idea!

Here is why.

When you take a bath, all you are doing is pushing around dirty water onto your skin. The minute your bum rests on the basin of your tub, the water surrounding you becomes contaminated.

Plus, you’re just kegging on soapy residue onto your skin. And some of that reside contains fecal matter because – you guessed it – the bath water extracts microscopic poop.

Instead, opt for a shower. Here are some tips:

  • Run the water warm. If it’s too hot, it could burn your peen.
  • Grab your mild and get ready for the next step.



3. Wash your penis good

There’s more to washing your penis than you might think. The fact is you need to know what you are doing if your goal is cleanliness.

Here is a quick rundown for cut and uncut men, step by step.

  • Stand in front of the water stream so that your peen becomes good and wet.
  • Once accomplished, turn around so that your peen is facing away from the steam.
  • Take the mild soap you have chosen and work up a lather in your hands.
  • Place the lather on your penis and begin gently washing.
  • If you are uncircumcised, carefully pull back the foreskin and use your fingers to get into, around and underneath your “hood”.
  • Delicately use your fingers to soap and lather your nutsack, including the area of skin running from the crack of your butt to the base of your testicles.
  • Spin around so that the stream of water is beating onto your manhood.
  • Use your fingers again to wash away any debris.
  • If uncircumcised, pull the foreskin back so that the water removes any soapy residue or other material.
  • Bend over and let the warm stream of water beat on your crack and rinse over the testicle base.

4. Pat dry your penis

If you are like most men, you probably hop out of the shower and quickly dry yourself up. Guys, I’m here say that if you’re doing this, you are unintentionally screwing up your skin. And I’m not just talking about your package.

Here’s why:

Hurried drying robs your skin of moisture and traumatizes the dermal layer. That’s why you don’t want to use quick, abrasive movements during the drying process.

Never “rub” a towel on your skin. If you were taught this as a kid, unlearn it real fast. And never rub cloth on your peen. Doing so robs it of collagen – an important anti-aging skin protein.

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Here are some pointers you might want to consider:

  • Use a fresh towel only. Remember, if you’re sharing one with your boyfriend, partner or family member, you’re essentially dousing yourself with their micro-organisms.
  • Take the towel and gently pat dry your genital area.
  • Don’t forget to pat dry under your nutsack. If left wet, you could develop a bad case of jock-itch.
  • Consider using a talcum powder for under your balls. Chassis makes a premium powder for guys.
  • If you’re hairy guy, you might be accustomed to using a hot blow dryer on your genitals. While this may quicken the drying process, it’s also wreaking havoc on your skin. I’d avoid it! If you must use one, set the setting to “cool”.

5. Moisturize your penis

Do you moisturize after showering? Many guys don’t. That’s because they mistakenly believe the moisturizing soap they are using does the job for them.

In truth, your skin – including your penis – needs a special lotion that that acts as a humectant to lock in moisture. While there’s tons of articles on the net on this topic, I’m going to give you some quick tips for your peen to avoid chafing.

Very important for guys living in cold weather climates!

Check this out:

  • Use a fragrance free, non-harshing and non-alcohol based product. One of the best lotions you can buy is made by the folks at Cetaphil. It’s dermatologist recommended and great for anyone who has sensitive skin. Check Amazon for a pricing. Most drug stores also carry as well.
  • Place a dime sized amount of lotion on the tip of your index finger and pinch together with your thumb.
  • Using both index finger and thumb, slowly run the lotion over your shaft.
  • It’s OK to moisturize the head. Use a circular motion with your finger to do this. Be careful not to get any in your hole.
  • When you are done, take your towel and pat dry off any excess lotion.

Penis Care: Other tips

Want to know what really makes your Johnson stink to high heaven? Highly acidic urine! Think about it for a second. When your stream is florescent yellow, doesn’t it smell really bad?

The best way to avoid this from happening to is make sure you drink plenty of water. By staying properly hydrated, you’ll have a clear stream – and less stanky ween.

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Hey, even those of us who dutifully shake three times after hitting the head can’t squeeze out every drop.

FYI: Certain medications can also make your urine smell, which in turn can make your stick stank. If you are concerned about this, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Wrapping Things Up

Having an attractive looking, smelling and tasting Johnson involves several moving parts. It does you no good to manscape your junk if your package reeks or looks much older than its years because of wrinkling.

Hopefully, the tips and suggestions offered here will help you to maintain the best package possible.

If you consider your penis as important as your face – treat it with the same care. That means washing and moisturizing it so it's pretty 🙂

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