10 Signs a Man Is Passionately In Love With You

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Signs a man loves you

It’s not always easy to tell when a man has fallen for you. For a variety of reasons, guys tend to show their emotions through actions rather than words.

When a man develops feelings for another man, those feelings generally fall into one of two categories.

One is the light, playful kind that manifests as fond, fuzzy feelings. The other is a magnetic, emotional type of adoration that can borderline obsession.

When a guy falls for you hard, he’s going to act a certain way. So, how do you do you know if his feelings go beyond mere attraction.

You are about to find out. Here’s 10 solid signs a man has deeply fallen for you – big time.


1. When you’re dating, he’ll try to win you over

I truly believe that when a man has fallen madly in love with another guy, he will not hesitate to make a commitment. If he’s throwing up smoke about committing to you, his claims of being in love with you are probably hollow.

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A man who falls hard for you won’t throw up smoke about being exclusive for a couple of months. He also won’t take forever to ask for your hand in marriage.

Think about it. Wouldn’t he want to lock down the relationship with you – the person he loves?

2. He wants to spend time with you

When he’s crazy in love with you, ghosting or bread-crumbing won’t be part of the dynamic. Rather than having you be a very small part of his life, he’ll make spending time with you his priority.

Doesn’t this make sense?

When you’re in love with a guy, you want to be around that man. So, if he’s got it bad for you, why wouldn’t he go out of his way to be with you?

3. He shows you to his friends/family

A man who thinks you’re the best thing since bread will never keep you his dirty little secret.

He’ll introduce you to everyone and make a point of showing you off. His relationship with you will be transparent.


4. You can see adoration for you in his eyes

Does he stare into your soul with that misty-eyed, loving, and charming way that only a guy in love will do?

If the answer is yes, that’s a strong indicator he’s fallen for you harder than you’ll ever imagine.

5. He sees all of you

Think of this as a straightforward way of knowing a man likes you. He’ll notice that weird quirk you have of always touching your hair. He’ll see you hold back tears during movies.

Rather than put you down, he’ll make you feel great about all of you – even your flaws.

6 He’s not happy when you’re down

When a man really cares for you, he wants to see you happy. When you give him gentle feedback about something he’s done, he’ll listen with an open heart and try to fix it.

When he doesn’t care about happiness, then it’s more likely he’s in love with the idea of love as opposed to being in love.


7. The way he holds you

A tell-tale sign that the man you are seeing is really into you is by his touch. When he holds you – he’ll hold all of you and embrace you in ways that touch your inner core.

I can’t describe it in words except to say you’ll know it when you feel it.

8. He’ll show his love for you

Men who love other men sometimes struggle with putting feelings into words. Chalk it up to cultural norms or whatever frosts your cookies.

But here’s the thing – when a man loves you, he’ll typically show it by what he does rather than what he says.

Does he make you coffee? Do you get texts to say, “Hi” just because? Does he compliment you? Take these as signs of his love.


9. His kiss will rock you to your core

There are kisses and then there are kisses. You’ll know that a man loves you when he looks deep into to your eyes, locks his lips onto yours and embraces you passionately.

In turn, you will feel a deep connection to him and empathically know what he’s thinking. This cannot be manufactured. It’s organic. It’s real.

10. Sex is intimate

When a guy has fallen for you, “sex” transforms into intimacy. Holding, petting, and caressing become his focus. When it happens, it’s indescribably electric.

Sure, the usual activities take place. But the main attraction to the show isn’t the release. Instead, it’s what transpires leading up to the explosion.

And the focus is on you.


Bonus: He values your opinion

Finally, when a man deeply falls for you, he’ll value your opinion. Yes, he may not see eye to eye with you on an issue. But he’ll never make you feel like crap for your beliefs.

In this way, he’s loving all of you – even during major disagreements.

Bringing it together

We’re men. We show our love in unique ways. Rather than look at what he says, examine what he does.

That’s how you’ll know he’s fallen deeply for you.

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