15 Perfumes for Men That Make You Smell Sexy (2019)

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Searching for the best perfumes for men? Hoping to find a cologne that will drive others wild? Need something with a sexy vibe that isn’t overpowering?

If the answer to these questions is yes – you’ve come to the right place. That’s because here at the blog, we’ve done our homework.

Specifically, our staff researched scores of pheromone studies on animalistic attraction from peer reviewed journals. We also asked hundreds of people (women and men) via a survey which male perfumes give off the best sexy scent.

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Using high quality data-mining software that runs probability factoring, we’re ready to present our findings.

What follows are 15 best perfumes for men that we think will turn you into a manly, irresistible beast! You’ll find that many of these scents have a woody, masculine vibe. But others put out a hint of citrus.

All of the men’s fragrances listed here are designed to draw others to you like a magnet. We've linked them all to Amazon so you can check pricing.

FYI: These are great colognes that can be combined with other grooming activities to make you stand out like a rock star!

Are you ready to discover the best perfumes for men? Let’s jump right in! Check out the chart below. Scroll down after table for detailed perfume descriptions

Top perfumes for men by scent time and smell
PerfumeScent TimeMain Scent
CreedUp to 4 hoursCitrus
InvictusUp to 4 hoursWoody
Guilty BlackUp to 4 hoursCitrus
VintageUp to 4 hoursWoody
Luna RossaUp to 4 hoursCitrus
Tobacco VanilleUp to 8 hoursWoody
Straight to HeavenUp to 4 hoursCitrus
Polo RedUp to 4 hoursCitrus
TabaromeUp to 8 hoursWoody
Oud WoodUp to 8 hoursWoody
1 Million PureUp to 8 hoursWoody
ChromeUp to 4 hoursCitrus
1872Up to 8 hoursCitrus
Armani CodeUp to 4 hoursCitrus
Montblanc LegendUp to 4 hoursCitrus


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This men’s fragrance is made in France and gives off one of the most masculine, powerful and attractive scents on the planet. That’s because it contains Sicilian clementine; an herb that is known to stimulate sex-chemicals in the brain. It also contains select gingers and orange blossoms.

You will beating people off you with a stick if you spray this one on.

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If you are looking for something vibrant that draws others to you like a magnet, Invictus from Paco Rabanne is one to consider!

Contains black amber, giving it a woody presence that grabs the attention of others in a sensual, subtle way. You’ll may be surprised at how many flock to you.

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This amazing men’s perfume contains a woody base and vibes out a sexy manscent. There’s a mint quality as well that seems to drive people crazy in a sexy, “get over here” kind of way.

Perfect for a casual night out or a first date. Excellent for seducing your prey into doing whatever you want! Gucci made an amazing men’s cologne with this one

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This classy, rich and deep men’s fragrance gives off a wicked, “jump into my bed” type of vibe. A spray or two will make you smell woody and mysterious all at once.

If you want something smooth that takes people by surprise, this is one cologne you want to consider. This is particularly true if you want to send out a leather, tobacco scent.

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Prada makes excellent men’s fragrances but they hit the men’s perfume jackpot when they created Luna Rossa. That’s because it contains a citrus, lavender blend that permeates the olfactory bulbs of unsuspecting suitors and drives them sexually crazy!

If you want a great smelling cologne that pulls others to you like a moth to a flame, definitely consider this one!

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This rich, manly and woody cologne turns your natural pheromones into something irresistible. There are hints of vanilla and tobacco in the perfume, making the cologne itself vibe out a subtle, lumbersexual magnetic scent.

If you want to project calm sexiness, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is a terrific choice. Perfect for first encounters, dating or casual experiences.

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Want something that offers a deep island vibe? Do you like cedar woods and the sweet smell of vanilla rum? If so, Killian’s Straight to Heaven is a smart choice.

The research on this suggests the cologne itself contains chemical compounds that seem to disarm others in a subtle, gentle way. Great for wearing if your goal is the bedroom.

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Wood and citrus are known to activate oxytocin; a brain chemical that is widely believed to stimulate attraction and increase trust. That’s exactly what you want when pursuing someone special, isn’t it?

Polo Red accomplishes this with its wonderful subtle but powerful men’s perfume. You only need a few sprays on your neck and wrist to make an impression.

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Sensual, deep, woody with hints of clove, this men’s perfume hits the sexy jackpot with its trio of ingredients. People will turn their heads as you walk by because something about your scent flips a sexy switch.

Wear this one only if you can handle others fighting to get close to you. Seriously, it’s that magnetic! Made by Creed.

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Tom Ford makes excellent smelling perfumes for men. His cologne, Oud Wood, is one of his best! Using sandal wood and mountain rose, this particular fragrance has a rich but smooth finish. It also will make you irresistible!

The science on this product suggests the tonka bean ingredient does something to serotonin levels in the brain that cause people who smell it to become joyful while letting their guard down. That’s exactly what you want!

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This is a wonderfully potent, rich and deep cologne that gives off a warm, leather and woody scent. Made by Pacco Rabanne, the ingredients contain cloves and herbs that seem to stimulate the brain’s sense of mystery.

If you want something that compels others to take notice in a sensual, “let’s get together” kind of way, reach for 1 Million Pure. It will rock your mate’s world!

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Fresh, crisp with hints of citrus, this men’s perfume vibes out a tangy, attractive message that will make you irresistibly sexy. Perfect for parties, casual encounters or weekend fun.

Chrome has been around for some time now. That’s because the cologne itself has stood the test of time because of its magnetic powers.

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13. 1872

Wickedly disarming and powerfully sexual, Clive Christian’s 1872 is sure to bring potential suitors to their knees. That’s because the perfume contains a long lasting, deep citrus scent that’s mixed with clary sage – an herb that is thought to make things firm upon smelling.

Not for the faint of heart, 1872 isn’t cheap. But then again, we’re talking about how people perceive you. Can you really put a price tag on this?

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One of the best things about this men’s perfume is its combination of apple, cumin and citrus. Combined, they gently infuse into the nasal passages of unsuspecting suitors, transforming them into human silly putty.

If you want a cologne that communicates excitement and a sense of adventure, Armani Code is an excellent, sexy choice! FYI: Chris Pine wears this one.

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This men’s perfume is masculine and subtle. The ingredients contain sandalwood, pineapple and bergamot (similar to a lemon). Combined, the trio stirs up excitement, passion and sensuality in others.

If you want to disarm someone you are pursuing, this one is worth checking out. In many ways, Montblanc is like creating a love potion but without going through all of the drama of actually making.

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Just for fun, here’s a poll on men’s perfumes and fragrances. It’s not scientific so don’t take the results too seriously. You can come back to see how others responded over the course of time.


When you pick a men’s perfume, make sure you choose something that fits your personality. Remember that price isn’t always a sign of high quality.

We hope you found this list of 15 best perfumes for men useful. If you are looking for more ways to improve your personal appearance, check out this post on removing eye wrinkles and bags.