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What is the best lube for anal? Are some lube choices better for bottoming activities than others? And how important is lube to the anal sex experience?

The answer to these questions are more complicated than you think. That’s because not all lubes are the same. Some are designed to slip and slide. Others are created to extend play. And still others are charged with numbing.


Generally speaking, there are three primary types of lube. These include: silicone, water and oil. While each one may seem self-explanatory, it’s important to know the differences before making a purchase.

And that’s where the confusion comes in for so many. The truth is, picking the right lube can be downright confusing. This is particularly true if you are new to anal or if you are a first time bottom.

That’s why I decided to do conduct an extensive review of the most popular lubes on the market and share these findings here.

And so regardless if you are top, bottom or vers, my goal is to help you make the best anal lube choices possible. That’s why I put this guide together – to help you as a lube consumer.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A working definition of lubricant
  • The three primary types of anal lube
  • Why it’s important to use the right anal lube
  • Why silicone lube may be your best choice
  • The pros and cons of water based lube
  • The basics of oil based lubes used for anal
  • Basic 101 on numbing lubes and alternatives
  • Where to buy lubes used for anal play
  • Butt play cleaning resources
  • First time anal tips
best lube for anal bottom men
Pick the right anal lube

Before continuing, I’d like to share with you a little about me. After all, you have a right to know who is writing this review. I’m a 35-year old gay man who identifies as versatile. In my time, I’ve hooked up with just about every type of guy you can imagine. I’m talking about men who have small peens to guys that are ridiculously large.

Just thought I’d throw that info out there so that you know who wrote all of this up.

OK, back to the info on best anal lubes …

Many of the products I’ve reviewed aren’t carried by your local drug store. But you will find them in specialty shops and adult bookstores. The problem is that many of us don’t live near these types of establishments.

To remedy the situation, I’ve provided links to each lube so you can order online. This will allow you to buy the best anal lube for your personal needs, all from the privacy of your home.

Let’s jump right in!

anal lube what is it


On the surface, anal lube seems pretty straight forward, right? After all, isn’t all the same. The answer is: no.  That’s because many lubes are specifically designed for specific activities.

For our purposes, I’m going to define anal lube as the following:

Anal Lube: A lubricant designed for butt play, including anal penetration, insertion and stimulation.


In the world of lubricants, there are three primary types that are used for stimulation and pleasure. These include:

  • Silicone lubes
  • Water based lubes
  • Oil based lubes

Let’s walk through each of these to help enhance your understanding.

Silicone Lube

This type of lube is made from alternative chains of silicone, which happens to be a naturally occurring element. “Silicones” come in many different forms, including rubber, oil and resin. When reconstituted at high pressure, this element can be transformed into liquid form.

Water Based Lube

These types of lubes are made from mostly h20, as the name implies. To bind the water together into a slippery substance, glycerin is added.

Just to get channel your inner geek, glycerin is a polyol compound that is sweet to taste and non-toxic. Water based lubes are considered humectants; a 25-cent term used to describe topicals that keep skin moist.

You often see glycerins in male skin care products to prevent wrinkles.

Oil Based Lubes

When someone reaches for an oil based lubricant, they typically want something heavy duty. When you hear the term “oil lube, think of Vaseline, vegetable oils, Crisco and cold creams.

Most often, oil based lubes are used from larger than life activities that hands, fists and some activities connected to the world of BDSM play.



In simple terms, using the right lube for anal is key critical if you want to have a pleasurable experience. If your goal is insertion, the criterion should be as follows:

  • Consistency
  • Slipperiness
  • Longevity

Under this point, I want to point out that when it comes to lube, never base your decision on which product is the cheapest.

We’ll get into this more as we continue along the way but for now, bear in mind there are a number of manufacturers out there who produce low quality crap, yet market under the label of “high quality.

best all around anal lube


Based on personal experience and extensive research, it is my strong belief that silicone based lubes are the absolute best for anal play.

Here is why:

  • They generally last the longest
  • They’re very condom safe
  • Most allow for minimal friction and heat

As a bottom, I’ve tried a number of different lubes. Hands down, the most comfortable and enjoyable product that I’ve used is Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant.

Let me explain why.

The folks at Pjur (a German based company) have perfected the magical trio I mentioned earlier of consistency, slipperiness and longevity. See video below for more insight.

Because my play sessions tend to be longer in nature and with men that are extremely large, I need a lubricant that can go the distance. Pjur meets those needs big time.

The other reason I like Pjur product is because it contains an anal relaxer. No, it’s not a numbing agent. But the naturally occurring jojoba (made from a plant) helps to relax my outer sphincter so that I can ride like a pro!

If you are new to bottoming or are going to be hooking up with a top that is of beer can proportions, this is an excellent product to inject into a lube launcher and then right up your anus.

Unlike other silicone lubes that tend to clump up and not last very long, Pjur is the opposite. A small amount goes a long way. What’s more, this silicone lube can also be used with toys.

gun oil lube


Because I know people like variety, I’m listing another silicone based lubricant here for your consideration. This is my second favorite lube and one that also ranks high on a number of Internet reviews.

If you want a good lube for butt play that doesn’t contain a relaxing agent, the Gun Oil Silicone lubricant is a good choice. It has excellent consistency, is condom safe and doesn’t create uncomfortable friction.

You can often find this particular type of lube at large retailers. This brand comes in different sizes. You can also buy Gun Oil with a pump, which helps to avoid spillage.



Many people ask which is better when it comes to anal play; water or silicone? Personally speaking, I have to say that silicone is way better. But still, there are some who like water.

The reasons vary from person to person. One of the main reasons relates to taste. Yep, that’s right. If you are engaging in both oral and anal play, a water based lube may be a good choice.

That’s because many of these come in a variety of flavors. For example, cherry flavored lube is popular among the lick and leave crowd.

But even if you aren’t looking for that, h20 type lubes are good for basic anal fun. If you want something that isn’t sticky and will last a good long time, Wet Original Formula is a great choice.

Unlike other water lubes that don’t last long, Wet’s product helps you to go the distance! I’m saying this because I’ve used a number of h20 type lubricants over the years and most all of them suck.

Plus. with “Wet”, you can use a little on your partner’s manhood to get things started and if there’s a little oral action, the taste of the product won’t get in the way of the fun.

Water based lubes are condom safe. They can also be used with toys (particularly ones made of silicone, like this one).

You can buy Wet at almost all drug stores and even in some supermarkets. I’d recommend you stay away from Astroglide or any of the KY Products. They are sticky, clumpy and just aren’t conducive to enjoyable anal play.

Finally, you can use water based lubes like Wet for toys


numbing lube


For those who are sensitive to penetration and find difficulty with guy riding, you may want to reach for a numbing lube.

You may be wondering what a numbing lube is? Well, it’s about what you might think. The product itself contains a chemical numbing agent, like benzocaine.

Has your dentist ever used a Q-Tip coated with gel to numb your gums? If so, it probably contained benzocaine or lidocaine. Both are considered mild anesthetic agents.

Before I give you my recommendation, it’s important to state that numbing agents work both ways. In other words, not only do they reduce feeling for the bottom, they also can numb the top if he’s not wearing a condom.

That’s why the Pjur lube I mentioned earlier is a good alternative. While it doesn't numb per se, it does relax your hole. Sorry if that sounds like word-smithing but it’s the only way I can explain it.

In any event, if you are want a good numbing agent for anal play, I encourage you to reach for Passion Lube Maximum Strength.

The reason I like this one is because it is water based. It also contains 5% lidocaine (similar to benzocaine). It has a very good consistency and helps to make insertion a bit easier.

boy butter lube


Last on my list of best lubes for anal are oil types. It’s important to state flat out that from all of the different kinds of lubricants, oil is my least favorite.

There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that oil types are not water soluble and therefore problematic when cleaning up.

A second issue with the “oil” types is that they are known to break down latex. This means that condoms and certain types of toys may be vulnerable to erosion.

Third, most oil based lubes have an unpleasant odor. There are a few on the market who have figured out a way getting rid of the smell but generally speaking, most of them stink.

Now some will tell you that an oil lubricant offers a longer ride and better sensation. I’ve only used them a handful of times and honestly, I don’t agree.

If you really are feeling adventurous and want to use this kind of lube for anal play, the folks at Boy Butter make highly rated product. Check Amazon for pricing.


Just for fun, I’ve included a poll (use this link) that allows you to pick which type of lube you prefer to use when it comes to butt play.

There are four choices so please think carefully about each before making your selection.


Over the years, I’ve heard a number of myths linked to anal lube and butt play. Below are some of the biggies. Do any of these sound familiar? FYI: All of these are false.

  • Silicone lubes dry up in your butt
  • Crisco isn’t considered an oil based lube
  • You shouldn’t use water based lubes with rubbers
  • The anus creates its own lube
  • Vegetable oil has silicone in it


You can buy general lubricants almost anywhere. But high quality silicone lubes aren’t always carried in stores. It doesn’t hurt to check the “personal needs” area of your local Alpha XR or CVS to see what they’ve got.

From my experience, I can tell you that most chain retailers carry pure crap that I would never use for anal. What am I talking about?

Well, low quality junk like KY Jelly and ID Brand. Man I hate those!

Seriously, if you want a high quality lube, such as the ones I’ve mentioned here, visit this link to Amazon and check out their different offerings.


It makes sense that if you are looking around for information on the best anal lubes for men, you might be curious about how to properly douche and clean yourself out.

According to our own research, tops are very picky about this topic. See our post: 5 things that turn off tops every time.

If you are interested in learning more about the right way to clean yourself out and avoid pains and stains, click on the graphic below to read our ultimate guide.

douche gay men bottoms


Many guys who search for the best anal lube also happen to be first timers. If that rings true for you, be sure to check out our beginner tips for first time bottoms.


Selecting the right type of lubricant for your butt playing needs is a critical if you want to minimize discomfort and maximize the fun.

I encourage you to always play safe. This means considering PREP if you are sexually active. It also means using a high quality condom to prevent potential STI’s.

Thanks for stopping by my guide to best lubes for anal. Have fun and enjoy!

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