8 Dating Apps To Help Your Next Relationship Hunt

Dating Apps

Dating in today’s modern-day means trying out a dating app or two. Now, of course, you don’t have to ONLY stick to dating apps. You can possibly meet someone out in the wild world through social spaces like church, a party, or whatever else. That said, the coronavirus pandemic has made it so there aren’t many social events going on right now. That means it may be time to give a dating app a try.

But which dating app should you try? Well, here’s a list of some of the most popular and well-known apps out there today.

1. Tinder

Tinder is possibly the biggest dating app on the market right now. It is the most well-known and provides a space for people to talk to and match with people in their immediate area. Plus, the user interface is very entertaining with its setup of swiping left and right. That’s why late-night talk show hosts have created games around the concept.

All you have to do, after registering for an account and uploading pics/info, is swipe left if you’re not interested or right if you are. From there, wait till someone likes you back and start talking to them. Heads up, many people take the swiping part as the main feature of this app so there is some hesitation on whether you’ll make a true connection here. But hey, that’s the risk that comes with all of these apps!

2. Bumble

Much like Tinder, Bumble is all about matching with someone before getting to talk and connect. That said, Bumble puts the power in women’s court by having women start conversations post-matches. This is supposed to make Bumble a healthier place for women. After all, they won't be bombarded with penis pictures from the start of the conversation.

3. Match.com

Meanwhile, Match.com is known for its commitment to finding users a committed relationship. This app isn’t so much about fun/playful dating but about serious dating. If you are actually looking for something serious, this is the service for you.

4. OkCupid

If you really want to connect to someone, this app could do the job. OkCupid is all about asking a series of questions and fleshing out your profile. There are several series of questions asked that range from religious beliefs to a favorite food or plans for the future. This helps to humanize you behind your profile picture.

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LGBTQ Spaces

Now, let’s get to the gay side of this discussion. If you’re a gay/bi/trans man looking to date, you might have better luck trying out these below apps than the ones above.

1. Grindr

Many people are aware of what Grindr is and does at this point. It’s the go-to app for men looking to date and hook up with other men. And yes, because its primarily for gay men, the app does carry a much more sexual tone than the straight apps. Frankly, men are always looking to hookup on it. Though, caution, Grindr is known for being primarily a white, muscular man’s space. So, it isn’t the best place for those looking to date and maintain a healthy sense of self.

2. Jack’d

While Grindr is primarily a space for white men and men who love ‘em, Jack’d formed itself as the alternative to that. Jack’d is a space where Black men and other men of color thrive. Frankly, that’s its biggest (and possibly only) factor at play here.

3. Scruff

Meanwhile, the next two apps are known for being spaces for men who aren't muscular and hairless. Scruff is jokingly known as the place where men who like leather and beards go. Part of that’s true and part of it is exaggerated. No matter what, it’s a space that’s more accepting of different body types than you'll find on Grindr.

4. Growlr

If you’re looking for a bear, a cub, or a bigger-bodied man (who most likely has hair) go to this site/app.

Dating Apps

Keep in mind, these are just SOME of the most popular dating apps/sites out there. There are PLENTY more where these apps/sites came from. But if you’re looking to enjoy a virtual date or just a quick flirty text thread, try one (or more) of these services!

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