5 Penis Care Tips for Winterizing Your Manhood To Avoid Frostbite!

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Penis care for winter

The frigid winter months can do real damage to your skin, particularly the parts of your body that are exposed to the elements. If you are like most guys, you probably focus on keeping important areas protected, like your face and hands.

This makes sense when you consider that when your body tries to adjust to extreme climates, it compensates by sending blood to vital organs.

But did you know that other extremities need protection too, like your penis? Yep, it’s true! And most men don’t think of their manhood when it comes to icy weather and skin protection.

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If left unchecked, biting temps can cause your peen to chafe, flake and in extreme cases, even freeze. There have been numerous cases involving penile frostbite; so much so that the New England Journal of Medicine published a paper on the topic.

The truth is, your buddy down there needs special attention during wintertime. Simply throwing on a pair of underwear and pants won’t do. In order to protect him as much as possible, it’s critical that you take proper precautions.

What follows are 5 tips for winterizing your penis to avoid injury and frostbite. Some suggestions may seem obvious. Others will likely make you stop and think. Read them all to gain the maximum benefit!


1. Layer + Put a Sock on Him

The best way to protect your manhood is to layer him. In winter, opt for warm cotton briefs and avoid mesh products. Flannel boxers and long johns are always a good choice.

If you know you will be outdoors for extended periods, you may want to pick up a specialized sock that is designed to keep him nice and toasty. Consider nabbing a Tuggie! They’re available online (Check Amazon) and come in a convenient 4-pack.

When you layer your briefs with the sock, plus a pair of jeans or sweats, you can feel good that you’re totally protected. And remember, the bigger your manhood, the more layering you’ll need!

2. Drink Lots of Water

Icy cold air robs the skin of moisture, leaving it baron and dry. Even skin that is layered can sometimes succumb to old man winter’s grasp! That means your penis!

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One way to help replenish what’s been lost is to drink plenty of water. Stick a bottle in your gym bag and carry it with you throughout the day. If you are going to be outside for long periods of time, try to take several sips and pace hydration accordingly.

3. Keep him clean

Good penis care means washing and cleaning your manhood on a regular basis. In wintertime, it’s important to pay special attention to the types of soaps you are using and here’s why – some of them can dry your junk out and chafe the hell out of it.

If you want to avoid an ugly looking rod filled with dry cracks, opt for non-harshing soaps that offer a moisturizing benefit. Dove’s Men’s Care Products are a good choice and won’t break the bank. You can pick this product up at most chain stores or online at Amazon.

4. Avoid Outdoor Hookups

More and more, it seems like hooking up outdoors is becoming all the rage. In fact, some parks planners are advocating for outdoor play areas.

But during extreme cold temperatures, it’s best to avoid exposing your sausage to the elements. While he might want to get nice and warm, it’s just too risky for the hood.

5. Moisturize

The final tip for winterizing your manhood is to moisturize him. This means applying a high quality lotion all over the shaft so that it acts as a humectant.

There’s a great product that we love called Man 1 Oil. The cream goes on light and helps to prevent and treat cracking and chafing. It’s also packed with vitamins, which is great for encouraging collagen production! Check Amazon for pricing or other retailers.

Final Thoughts

You probably spend a lot of time taking care of your face during winter and do your best to protect your skin when things turn frigid.

Don’t forget to winterize your penis in the process. Your manhood will thank you for years to come!