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If you are looking for information on penis enlargement creams, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because I’ve spent hours conducting research on this topic to help you get the firmest male erection naturally possible.

Just like you, I’m a guy. I also happen to be a man that doesn’t like to use prescription medications to my wood going. That may be too forward but I’m just being straight with you.

You see for years, I used all sorts of products that were designed to enlarge. And you know what? Pretty much all of them sucked.

But that all changed when I got my hands on a penis enlargement cream that a friend told me about. Seriously, it was like a Godsend and improved my sexual life dramatically.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground here – so let’s jump right in.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What penis enlargement creams are
  • History of enhancement oils
  • How male enhancement creams work
  • Why penis enlargement creams safe
  • Common ingredients in most products
  • How to apply an enlargement cream
  • Benefits of male enlargement creams
  • The top penis enlargement creams
  • Common enhancement myths
  • Enlargement Poll
HARDWOODBigger, more meaningful wood. Works quickly. Gel based. Fast
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MAX SIZE CREAMCream based product designed to work quickly for fuller woodNaturalYesCheck Price
MAN 1 OILLiquid based product that conditions, moisturizes and stimulates. Many people seem to likeNaturalYesCheck Amazon
SWISS NAVY CREAMClear, liquid based gel that works quickly. Same company makes lube productsNaturalYesCheck Amazon
VIAMAX GELGel based product that encourages larger wood
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GIRTH MALERequires 20 minute "set time". Works very well to encourage enhancementNaturalYesCheck Amazon
BLACK BOTTLEConditioner, moisturizer and enhancer, all in one. Many guys seem to likeNaturalYesCheck Amazon
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PENILE HEALTH CREAMComes in spray bottle. Reduces sensitivity and also encourages stronger wood. Improves circulation. Seems like many like this oneNaturalYesCheck Amazon

penis enlargement creams explained


A penis enlargement cream is a topical gel-like liquid that is designed to stimulate your manhood so that it becomes big.

The creams are typically sold over the counter and offer men a natural pathway to larger, firmer wood.


Some researchers think the first enhancement oils were made by the ancient Greeks during a period known as the Hellenistic Age (circa 300 BCE).

Apparently, artists of the era used the oils on male models who needed to remain firm for extended periods. The oils were made from peppermint leaves and combined with botanicals that were found in the Aegean Sea.


In the scientific sense, male enhancement creams work through the process of osmosis via a hypertonic solution. I’ll explain this to you in an easy to understand way in a moment.

I’ve included a video that offers more insight.

For our purposes, osmosis can be defined as the process in which a liquid passes through a semi-permeable membrane (aka your penis) and is absorbed into the area of application.

A hypertonic solution is a highly concentrated liquid that diminishes cellular ions, allowing for greater absorption to the application area through diffusion.

FYI: enlargement creams work exactly in this way.

Most include natural ingredients designed to stimulate your penis; a part of the male anatomy that is loaded with nerve endings.

So, to break it all down, when you apply a male enhancement cream, the gel gets absorbed through your manhood and directly into your peen. In this way, it is considered a form of transdermal osmosis.

Pretty simple stuff, huh?

This video offers an example using an egg as a visual. The same scientific principles apply with creams to your manhood.

Penis enlargement topicals come in other forms, such as oils and gels. The delivery mechanisms are all the same. This makes sense when you consider they are  liquid based.


The simple answer to the safety question is yes. Because male enhancement creams are made from natural ingredients, they are safe for topical application.

The only exceptions are products that specifically state a warning by the manufacture. That’s why it’s always a good idea to read the labels.


Believe it or not, most creams allow for oral activities in a safe way and without having to worry about ingesting toxic chemicals.

And speaking of oral – most of them don’t have a nasty after taste. But again, read the labels to make sure.


There are a number of naturally occurring elements within most creams. Many of these can be found in popular beverages designed for enhancement, such as over the counter sex teas.

The primary ingredients you will most often find include:

  • Peppermint leaves: Clinically known to act as a vasoconstrictor, according to scientific research.
  • L-Arginine: a type of amino acid that naturally occurs in meat, poultry and fish. L-Arginine is known to act as a brain chemical stimulant that increases sexual desire.
  • Flavonoids: These are naturally occurring elements found in plants that are proven to increase mood and sexual arousal per clinical studies.
  • Botanical elements: Plant based substances containing enzymes that help gel pass through the semi-permeable membrane (skin).
  • Artificial flavors: Added to most penis enhancement creams for oral based activities.

male enlargement creams


Application of these topical gels and oils is pretty straight forward. It’s important to state here that a little goes a long way. There’s no need to cover your entire shaft with the liquid to achieve meaningful results.

  • Test a small area of your skin to see if you have a reaction. Stop using if you notice a rash, redness, inflammation or burning. The vast majority of men don’t but it never hurts to check.
  • Apply the recommended amount to your manhood, as indicated on the product directions.
  • Using light movements, use your thumb and index finger to gently cover your peen.
  • Avoid any type of masturbatory stroking as this defeats the purpose of osmosis and may cause premature
  • If your penis is bent or curves, move slowly so you can get to all areas of your manhood.
  • Ensure your hands are warm to touch and that you don’t apply when your manhood is cold from outdoors. See our post on moisturizing your manhood for more insight.
  • Allow several minutes to pass so that the osmotic process completes.
  • If you’re engaging in backdoor activities, use a silicone based anal lube designed for this activity.

male enhancement oils


There are numerous benefits to using penis enlargement creams. I’ve listed some of the biggies below. Check these out:

  • Natural, safe alternative to pills and meds
  • Offers visible and tactile results
  • Excellent for use with a pleasure rings
  • Expands overall girth of penis
  • Ability to last longer in bed
  • Enhances confidence during intimate experiences
  • Affords wider range of play activities, including oral.
  • Can be used with condoms for safer play
  • Helpful for anal activities (see first time anal tips)
  • Most come in a compact container
  • Non-intrusive scent
  • Excellent as a foreplay activity when applied by your partner.
  • If you are into tantric activities, the creams may extend pleasure.

male enlargement cream options


So how can you tell which cream, oil or gel is right for you? It’s a perfectly natural question. The answer is largely dependent upon several factors, including what activities you plan on engaging in.

Here are a few suggestions that might be helpful.


Reviews are an excellent place to start. Luckily, I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you so that you can instantly obtain this information.

Talking to others who have used creams can also help. But at the end of the day, I’m here to tell you that each person responds differently to enhancers. A lot will depend upon the chemistry happening with your partner and level of arousal.


As you look around, you’ll quickly notice that prices for enhancement creams are all over the place. Much of the costs is connected to manufacturing, shipping and stocking fees.

What’s important that you know is this – price is not an indication of quality. Some of the very best oils and gels are medium priced.

On the flipside, there are creams out there that cost a fortune that don’t do jack!

For what it’s worth, here’s my top 10 list. Most all of the ones you’ll see below are ones I’ve used.



What’s great about this gel is that it can couple as a lubricant. It has a slight menthol scent that applies with ease.

The cream also works quickly because of its semi-proprietary ingredients. The L-Arginine compounds absorb through the dermal layer, stimulating nerve endings in an enhancing way.

Nitric Oxide additives help to prevent over stimulation and ejaculation. Wonderful texture, too. I’ve personally used this gel and have found it to be extremely effective. I particularly like to use when I am on top.

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This is a highly effective cream for your peen that comes in a 5 oz container. When applied, it creates a warming sensation that stimulates deep into the penile tissue, thereby expanding your wood.

I’ve used this cream in the past and have discovered that it is great for backdoor or simple self-pleasure. Quickly absorbed and allows for intense fun.

The product contains Vazogen Transdermal Technology, which is in non-scientific terms means it works like one of those dermal patches that delivers medicine through the skin.

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3. MAN 1 OIL

This is one of the best-selling penis enhancement oils on the market. It’s been tested by dermatologists according to the manufacturer and deemed safe.

The oil itself also couples as a penile health cream: something we recommended in our post about protecting your penis during super cold weather.

This one is great if you have a dry, sensitive peen and need something that absorbs quickly. Excellent choice for anyone interested in penile health.

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You are probably familiar with Swiss Navy. They make all sorts of lubricant products. What you may not know is they also manufacture an excellent enhancement cream for men.

This gel works by bringing blood to the surface of your manhood. Allows for quick osmosis. Quicker, firmer and more substantive erections are very possible with this guy.

I’ve used before and have found it to be effective. Great choice if oral activities will be part of the menu because there isn’t a nasty aftertaste.

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This is a unique male enhancement product that contains a blend of herbs and botanicals. Like others of its kind, the gel works through trans-dermal osmosis.

What’s nice about the product is that it works as a topical stimulator but also increases libido. Many have found this to be helpful, particularly as a way of preventing premature release.

I’ve used this one and it is one of my favorites for anal activities. In fact, I recently learned that using a lube shooter (also called a lube launcher) with Viamax works great!

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Made from all natural ingredients, Girth’s male enhancement cream works well. In fact, it works very well! But there are some drawbacks.

First, you need to allow up to 20-minutes for the cream to set. Second, it does have a strong scent because of the various proprietary ingredients.

If, however, you are looking for a powerful product that that can be used for going backdoor, this one is great. Also may help men with erectile dysfunction issues, according to manufacture.

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This is a highly rated product. The folks at Black Bottle have created a spray cream that works as a peen conditioner and enhancer – all at the same time.

The ingredients include natural botanicals, amino acids and shea butter. Combined, they give the guy using it a nice smelling, pleasurable experience. Great for all types of play.

During winter, I like to use this product because it does a great job with conditioning. You don’t want chaffing down there, right?

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This topical cream is works through transdermal osmosis. Unlike other products, it’s non-greasy and doesn’t smell. It also has been clinically tested to increase both girth and overall size.

Ingredients include Pro-Vitamin B, Vitamin E and other naturally occurring botanical agents.

What’s great about this one is that it works quickly. I’ve also found it to last a fairly long time once applied. Good for different types of play when you need your wood to be seriously on.

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This particular cream appears to be a winner with many.  Like several other products listed here for enhancement, Wick and Strom's cream improves circulation, moisturizes and helps to stop irritation.

Ingredients are all natural , including Vitamin C, D and E. Free of any fragrances.

When you read the back of the bottle, you'll notice that for the full moisturizing benefits to take old, it takes about a week. I've used this one in winter and found it to be highly helpful with obtaining firmness and keeping my peen from getting frostbite.

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If you want a gel that works quickly and effectively, consider Virility. The serum contains immortelle, a natural agent that is combined with beta-endorphins and known to increase girth and size.

According to the manufacturer, it also has “Ginseng to make arousal easier and Arginine to promote the release of Nitric Oxide and micro-blood circulation in the large Corpus Cavernosa chambers.”

I have not tried this product but have heard good things. Certainly one to consider if you want a clear gel that can be used for different activities.

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There are a number of myths floating around about penis enhancement creams that I’d like to dispel. In fact, there are so many that I can’t list them all here.

What’s below are the biggies:

  • Male enhancement creams don’t work
  • Oils, gels and creams are all the same
  • Your peen will get irritated from creams
  • You can’t do oral with a gel
  • Anal play and creams don’t mix
  • Male enhancement creams are all the same


Just for fun, I’ve created a poll below that asks you to share your experience with male enhancement creams. Don’t worry, your selection is completely confidential.


Using penis enhancement creams can be a wonderful, natural and meaningful way to obtain stronger erections.

While there’s nothing wrong with prescribed medications to help achieve firmer wood, natural alternatives should be considered. That’s because when you go natural, you don’t have to worry about the nasty side effects of vasodilators.

I hope you found this penile enhancement cream guide useful. Thanks for reading!

By Rico Woods